Who am I?

My name is Michał Ulasiński. I am an architect by profession. It is my life and my passion, and my family tradition.The idea to create M&M arose in 2003 as the next logical step in my professional development and career. Since then, in each of the designs and projects I have supervised, I have been striving to achieve my goal which is the  creation of good architecture. Good architecture runs in my blood; it runs in my family. I used to spend my childhood at construction sites and would constantly trip over tracing papers, architectural drafts and sketches at home. In my professional life I have to fulfill various roles in the investment processes: I am a designer, a contractor and  investor. Thanks to these experiences I have the unique opportunity to look at investments from different angles.

What I like?

I like functionality and practical solutions dressed in modern materials and modernistic shapes. My dream is to design world-class high-rise buildings that blend permanently with the urban landscape. Every day I strive to do something new that could help me  make my wish come true. I find inspiration in the surrounding world, new technologies and the world architectural press. I admire the multiplicity of skills and prefection of Leonardo da Vinci, the beauty of Michelangelo's works of art, the minimalism of Tadao Ando and the uniqueness of Renzo Piano.

As I work?

I apply the universal principles in my work of being honest and reliable  coupled with providing good product quality. I also appreciate and nurture a good relationship with the customer as I find it to be  the key to success and mutual satisfaction.


Apart from my passion for architecture, I love travelling, skiing and diving in various interesting places around the world. My other passion is the most manly activity in the world, namely cooking.

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